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Lancaster Shag Club

LSC 2020 February Roaring 20s Dance

LSC 2020 January Black and White Snow Ball

LSC 2019 October Monster Mash Dance

LSC 2019 Fall Migration

LSC 2019 August Hot Dog Days of Summer Dance

LSC 2019 June Summer Fun Dance

LSC 2019 May Red White and Blue Dance

LSC 2019 Spring Safari 1

LSC 2019 Spring Safari 2

LSC 2019 Spring Safari 3

LSC 2019 Spring Safari 4

LSC 2019 March St Patrick's Dance

LSC 2019 February Mardi Gras Dance

LSC 2019 Mid-Winter

LSC 2019 Winter Black & White Ball

LSC 2018 Christmas Dance

LSC 2018 November Football and Chili Cook-off Dance

LSC 2018 October Spooktacular Dance

LSC 2018 August Hot Dog Days of Summer Dance

Goin’ Visitin’

LSC 2018 June 35th Anniversary Dance

LSC May 2018 Life’s a Circus Dance

LSC 2018 SOS Spring Safari

LSC 2018 St Patrick Dance

LSC February 2018 Mardi Gras Dance

LSC 2018 Winter Wonderland Dance

LSC 2018 Mid-Winter

LSC 2017 Christmas Dance

LSC 2017 Football and Chili Cook-off Dance

LSC 2017 Spooktacular Dance

LSC 2017 Fall Migration

LSC August 2017 Retro Dance

LSC June 2017 Summer Fun Dance

LSC May 2017 Celebrating Our Heros Dance

LSC Spring Safari 2017

LSC March 2017 St. Patrick's Dance

LSC Feb 2017 Mardi Gras Dance

LSC January 2017 Winter Wonderland Dance

LSC 2017 Mid Winter

LSC 2016 Christmas Dance

LSC Nov 2016 Member Guest Football Chili Cook-off Dance

LSC 2016 Spooktacular Dance

LSC at Fall Migration 2016

LSC August 2016 Western Redneck Hillbilly BBQ Dance

LSC July 2016 Finally Friday

LSC June 2016 June Beach Party

LSC 2016 May NASCAR Dance and Red Rose Festival

LSC Spring Safari 2016

LSC 2016 March St Patrick's Day Dance

LSC 2016 February Leap Year Dance

LSC 2016 Mid-Winter

LSC 2015 Christmas Dance

LSC 2015 Fall Migration

LSC August 2015 Dance

LSC 2015 June Jam

LSC and Friends Celebrate Red Rose Festival 2015-05-27

LSC and Friends at Spring Safari 2015-05-13

LSC March 2015 St. Patty's Dance

LSC February 2015 Love to Shag Dance

LSC Jan 2015 Winter Wonderland Dance

LSC Mid Winter 2015

LSC 2014 Christmas Dance

LSC Presents Embers 2014

LSC Nov Football Fever Chili Cook-off 2014

LSC Oct Spooky Shagging Dance 2014

LSC Sept 2014 Dance

LSC SOS Fall Migration 2014

LSC Aug 2014 River Party

LSC 2014 July School Tools Dance

LSC July 2014 Dance

LSC 2014 Jivin' June Jam

LSC May 2014 Red White and Blue Dance

LSC May 2014 Red Rose Festival

LSC 2014 Womanless Beauty Pageant

SOS Spring Safari 2014

LSC March 2014 Hooray for Hollywood Dance

LSC 2014 February Have Heart Dance

LSC 2014 January Roaring 20's Dance

LSC 2014 Mid-Winter 2014

LSC 2013 Christmas Dinner/Dance

LSC November 2013 Football Fever Dance

LSC September 2013 Happy Fall Y'all Party

LSC 2013 Fall Migration

LSC August 2013 NMB Party

LSC 2013 July School Tools Dance

LSC JJJ 2013

LSC 2013 May Flip Flop Dance

LSC at the 2013 Red Rose Festival

LSC April 2013 30th Anniversary Dance

LSC at Spring Safari 2013

LSC 2013 March Spring Fling Dance

LSC February 2013 Be My Guest Sweetheart Shag Party

LSC 2013 January Winter Wonderland Dance

Mid-Winter 2013

LSC 2012 Christmas Dinner Dance

LSC 2012 Christmas Dinner Dance

LSC Embers 2012 Christmas Concert

LSC November 2012 Football Fever Dance

LSC 2012 Halloween Dance

2012 SOS Fall Migration

LSC August 2012 Fifties Dance

LSC July 2012 Tools for Schools Dance

LSC June 2012 5th Saturday Dance

LSC 2012 Jivin' June Jam

LSC 2012 Cinco De Mayo Dance

LSC and Friends at 2012 Spring Safari

LSC 2012 March Mardi Gras Dance

LSC 2012 Sweetheart Dance

LSC 2012 Winter Wonderland Dance

LSC at 2012 Mid-Winter

LSC 2011 Christmas Dance

LSC 2011 November Football Fever Dance

LSC 2011 Halloween Dance

LSC and Friends at Fall Migration 2011

LSC August 2011 50's Dance

LSC 2011 Stars and Stripes Dance

LSC 2011 Jivin June Jam

LSC 2011 May NASCAR Dance

LSC at SOS Spring Safari 2011

LSC 2011 Spring Fling Dance

LSC February 2011 Dance

LSC January 2011 Dance

LSC 2011 Mid-Winter

LSC 2010 Christmas Dinner Dance

LSC November 2010 Football Fever Dance

LSC 2010 Halloween Dance

LSC Fall SOS 2010

LSC Aug 2010 Dance

LSC July 2010 Dance

LSC JJJ 2010

LSC 2010 NASCAR Dance

LSC 2010 Spring SOS

LSC March 2010 Chili Cookoff

LSC 2010 Mardi Gras Dance

LSC 2010 Winter Wonderland Dance

SOS Mid - Winter 2010

LSC 2009 Christmas Dance

LSC Nov 2009 Football Fervor Dance

LSC Halloween Dance 2009

LSC Post SOS Blues Sept 2009

LSC at Fall Migration 2009

LSC at 2009 Chester DJ Throwdown

Lynn's Shag Club Appreciation

LSC August 2009 Luau Dance

LSC July 2009 Stars and Stripes Forever Dance

LSC Jivin' June Jam 2009

LSC 5th Saturday Dance May 2009

LSC 2009 May NASCAR Dance

LSC at Class Blast Camden

LSC at 2009 Spring Safari

LSC March 2009 Spring Fling Dance

LSC 2009 Valentine Dance

LSC 2009 Winter Wonderland Dance

LSC at Mid-Winter SOS 2009

LSC 2008 Christmas Dance

LSC November 2008 Football Ferver Dance

LSC 2008 Halloween Dance

Lancaster Shag Club at 2008 Fall SOS Migration

LSC August 2008 Luau Dance

Lancaster Shag Club 2008 Red, White, & Blue Dance

Lancaster Shag Club Jivin' June Jam 2008

LSC at the May 2008 5th Saturday Dance

LSC May 08 NASCAR Dance

Lancaster Shag Club at 2008 SOS Spring Safari

LSC 2008 Ides of March Toga Party

LSC 2008 Valentine's Dance

LSC at MSC February 2008 Sweetheart Dance

LSC January 2008 Winter Wonderland Dance

LSC at Mid-Winter 2008

LSC 2007 Christmas Dinner/Dance

LSC November 2007 Football Fervor Dance

LSC October 2007 Halloween Dance

LSC Fall SOS Migration 2007

LSC August 2007 Dance

LSC's BBB 2007

LSC 2007 4th of July Dance

Jivin' June Jam 2007

LSC/MSC Fundraiser Event for Terry Medlin

5th Saturday Bash March 2007

LSC March 2007 St. Patrick's Day Dance

LSC at 2007 Spring SOS

LSC April 2007 Dance

LSC's February 2007 Dance

LSC January 2007 Dance

LSC at Mid-Winter 2007

LSC New Years 2007 at Rock Hill

LSC 2006 Christmas Dance

LSC Christmas 2006 Parade & Drop-in

LSC November Football Fervor 2006 Dance

Southern Comfort 2006

LSC Kamp Kemo FundRaiser BBQ 2006

LSC July 2006 Party

LSC Jivin' June Jam 2006

Friday at Last May 2006

LSC May 2006 Party

LSC at SOS Spring Safari 2006

LSC SOS 2006 Float

LSC Apr 2006 Dance

LSC Mar 2006 Dance

LSC Feb 2006 Dance

LSC January 2006 Dance

LSC Pool Party 2006

Fall SOS LSC DropIn 2006