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Lancaster Shag Club

Club Charter

The Lancaster Shag Club was founded in 1983, and incorporated in 1993. The Lancaster Shag Club is an organization of persons in Lancaster and the surrounding areas who are interested in the official state dance of South Carolina, the SHAG. The club is dedicated to promoting and preserving our heritage of beach and shag music and shag dancing. Lancaster Shag Club, Inc. is a member of the Society of Stranders (SOS), which is a corporation owned by the Association of Carolina Shag Clubs (ACSC).

Club Objectives

• To function as a social group such that benefits derived by the group are subject to the participation, welfare and enjoyment of individual members.

• To promote the enduring existence of beach music and shag dancing.

• To make the "Lancaster Shag Club" (hereafter, called the "LSC") and its members recognized and accepted by other groups or clubs.

• To promote and hold multiple social activities during a group year. To lobby for special rates for club members on a volume basis.

• To lobby for the interest of the LSC and its members to gain influence and integrity at any place of activity or interest.

• To keep members informed about activities and special interests, especially shag-related events and activities.

• Active participation with ACSC (Association Carolina Shag Clubs)

Club Structure

The Lancaster Shag Club was incorporated in 1994. The LSC is structured such that it is directed by a Board of Directors. The Board is composed of these elected officers and Board Members:

• President

• Vice-President

• Secretary

• Treasurer

• Past President

• 4 Board Members


The overall purpose of this Board is to oversee and direct the LSC in such a manner that it is active, fun and enduring. No decisions, for or against the group, can be made without the notice and approval of a majority vote of this Board.

Board Voting

The Past President votes only to break a tie vote. All other board members are full-voting members.

Board & Board Member Responsibilities

• Attend meetings, If more than 3 consecutive meetings are missed a Board member will automatically be dismissed from the Board. If a member is dismissed, the Board will appoint a replacement within 30 days.

• Direct LSC in a manner as to meet the objectives of the Charter.

• Appoint chairpersons to serve on various committees.

• Prompts, promotes,and implements ideas to enhance the group and its membership.

• Promotes general welfare of the group and its membership.

• Promotes membership drives.

• Sets membership dues.

• Votes on membership after reviewing application.

• ** It is recommended that the four elected Board members chair at least one committee.


• Preparation, with Board input, of a slate of activities for the year.

• Scheduling and conduct of all meetings.

• Preparation of meeting agendas.

• Initial receipt and response to all matters placed before the Board.

• Scheduling fixed committee responsibilities.

• Composing and/or reviewing and signing all proposals and correspondence rendered by the board.

• Presenting fixed Board commitments to membership.


• Executes the responsibilities and duties of the President in the absence of a duly-elected President or in absence of the current President.

• Responsible for coordinating and reporting committee activities.


• Composition and distribution of information.

• Processing and reviewing of proposals prepared by Board.

• Receiving and distribution of mail.

• Notifying applicant by mail if application has been accepted or rejected. If accepted, enclose a copy of the of the following:

1. Acceptance Letter

2. Membership Card

3. Bylaws with Charter

4. Welcoming Letter

5. Most Current Newsletter

6. Membership Roster

• Get Well cards shall be sent to Shag Club members.

• Flowers shall be sent in case of death of immediate family members, (Mother, Father, Spouse, Child)

• Maintain historical file of membership list, meeting minutes and treasurer report.


• Collect, administer and distribute funds.

• Report to Board and membership on all matters of finances for the group.


The following standing committees will be appointed by the Board each year. Other committees may be formed by the Board as needed. The Vice-president has overall charge or coordinating committee activities. Committee chairpersons may attend Board meetings as nonvoting members.

Charity Function: Responsible for coordinating a fund raiser for a needy charity.

Decorations: Plan decorations as required.

DJ/Music: Responsible for providing music at club dances.

Jivin' June Jam: Responsible for coordinating our yearly party.

Membership: Responsible for recruiting new members, new member orientation.

Newsletter: Responsible for club publicity and publishing a bimonthly club newsletter.

Photographer: Responsible for photographing club activities.

Sergeant At Arms: Responsible for controlling admission to all club affairs and conduct at these affairs.

Telephone: Responsible for contacting club members by telephone when needed.

Nomination: Will be formed each year to nominate officers for the upcoming year.

Ways & Means: Responsible for fund-raising activities.



Any person 21 years of age or older is eligible to become a member. Membership in the club is not transferable.


1. Prospective member(s) should apply to the Board by application(s).

2. This application must be signed by applicant(s) and two members of the club who are in good standing. All required dues should accompany the application.

3. A prospective applicant will require a majority vote from the Board.

4. The club secretary will notify the applicant by letter if his/her application has been accepted or rejected. If applicant is rejected, all required dues will be returned. Applicants accepted will receive a copy of the Bylaws along with the acceptance letter. (See Secretary’s Duties)


• Members who exhibit unacceptable conduct or conduct that conflicts with the philosophy or charter of the club are subject to dismissal from the club and its activities.

• A majority of unfavorable votes from the Board by secret ballot will result in dismissal. Members who have been expelled may apply for reinstatement after one year from the date of expulsion.

• Dismissal will come in the form of a letter from the Board.


All club funds must be deposited into a checking account. Accounts payable checks up to Three Hundred Dollars ($300.00) may be signed by the Treasurer. Payable checks in excess of Three Hundred Dollars ($300.00) require signatures by both the President or Vice-president and the Treasurer.


• Membership fees are due no later than February 1 of each year. If membership fees are not paid, the member will be dropped from the active roster. A membership fee notice must be sent out by December 31 of each year.

• Membership fees will be allocated to finance social events and club-related expenses.

• Membership fees may be changed by a majority vote of the Board.


Members may bring guest(s) to social events. Charges for guests will be set by the Board of Directors as needed.


Any problems or situations not resolved by the Charter or Bylaws will be resolved by a majority vote of the Board.


• The current Board will select a five (5) member nominating committee no later than August 30 of each year. One of these members should be a member of the current Board.

• The nominating committee will present the slate of prospective Board members to the current Board before October 1.

• The approved slate will be presented to the membership at the November meeting for approval through the election process. Absentee ballots will not be accepted. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor at this time.


Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the organization in all matters of procedure not specifically covered in the Bylaws.


These Bylaws may be revised by a majority vote of the general membership present at any full club meeting. Notice of this meeting will be given to all members in good standing at least 15 days in advance, and a copy of the proposed changes will be made available for inspection by any member in good standing during this same period.

Bylaws of the Lancaster Shag Club signed by Officers and Board Members, and adopted by the Club this 6th day of April, 1999.

Revised By-laws signed by Officers and Board Members and adopted by the club this 17th day of February, 2007.